Google follow your site even when you close the “date sites”.. This is the solution

Spread a number of reports earlier this year referred to as the information gathered by Google from the location of the user. With the advent of these reports has been proposed to solve close out the “Location History” in your account settings to stop Google from recording sites that are available. But the report counts the latest new from The Associated Press it’s not going to end that with the closing of this option, a gap analysis is still to be made available to your site.

Depending on the use applications with Google services to provide distinctive and specific, when used as a feature in the application or in Widget to put on your home screen a hernia calling service Google Maps which you get on your site and follows it, it is not the only app to get your location. For example, once you learn the weather by using where you are as read app for to give you the weather data you Google is other to get your location.

This is not about adjusting your preparation Location History whether this property is open or closed, it falls under what is called the Web and App activity of your powers websites and applications of your data. It is possible to shut down the advantage of Location History in your account settings shows Google get your location without being aware of it.

Does not address only the users of the Android platform to compile their position constantly civil iOS suffer from the same thing. For Google at least you should pay attention now to that once you connect the phone to a Google Account, and Web and App Activity key, it means that Google will get your site as frequently as that these sites will appear in the activity log your Activity Log.

Surely Google need to this data to improve your experience whether through the services provided for comments or provided directly alerts, but maybe it needs a little transparency-ins to each level. Messages that appear certainly explain a lot, but they need greater clarity a bit.

If you don’t want to follow Google your website unfortunately can not recommend that you go to the settings and close the Web and App Activity because this will affect your experience that will become the best case possible where you won’t be able to enjoy a large number of advantages and different applications in addition to the inability of a number of Google services itself to work optimally, so you can learn it just to learn what you earn Google information about you and where they are stored in your account.

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