Google formally withdraw from the tablet market, there will not be a successor to Google Pixel Slate


Do you remember the tablet Google Pixel Slate is? I’ve been to launch this tablet in the past year along with phones Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3 XL, but he did not succeed in raising a lot of fuss. This device works tablet running ChromeOS, the Google so try to clean it there was a time when tablet Nexus great.

Now I decided to Google Inc. to withdraw formally from the tablet market, this means we won’t see the successor of Google Pixel Slate any time soon, this in turn means that we won’t see more tablets supported by ChromeOS or Android of Google company.

We’ve heard in the past that there’s two tablets with two new under development, and both are smaller than the Google Pixel Slate, but earlier this week, was the abolition of these two devices, I decided to Google Inc. to withdraw formally from the tablet market.

The company plans to focus on providing the laptops supported by ChromeOS, the identity of the Google Pixel supported by Android. In fact, you can see the computer Google PixelBook new from Google by the end of this year, perhaps it may be announced at the same event in which Google company detects phones Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL.

Because the phones Google Pixel 3 did not achieve good sales, we can imagine how bad things are for Google Pixel Slate. Although it is officially out now of the tablet market, has reported Google Inc they are committed to continuing to support the device Google Pixel Slate to end the month of June of the year 2024.

Furthermore, the difference of Android and Chrome for 100% of long-term work ” with partners ” on tablet devices for all sectors of the market, at least according to Rick Osterloh, who is the deputy head of the Department devices and services company Google.


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