Google found a solution how to protect Chrome users

In the current version of the Chrome browser appeared passive isolation feature sites from each other. It follows from the official developer blog Google. The innovation is intended to minimize the risks from possible exploitation by fraudsters CPU Spectre of vulnerability found in the Intel.

Vulnerability Spectre — what is it

The Spectre vulnerability affects most modern Intel processors. Named by experts as a vulnerability bypass bounds checking storage, it overcomes the isolation between separate applications and web sites, enabling those to get the data that you access for them under normal conditions would be closed.

Malicious sites

Isolation is especially relevant for web browsers because they run potentially malicious JavaScript code. An additional level of security implemented by Google, allows you to ensure that no malicious components of a website will not be able to access the data stored on the other.

The theft of payment data

The danger of lack of isolation is that malicious components, which is full of thousands of web portals on the Internet, can easily intercept your payment information, usernames and passwords to access different sites and services, than the order will ruin the life of the unsuspecting user.

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