Google found another way to make us

A new experiment Google is aimed at communication for tourists. So not much, the company decided to provide travelers with some of the best cards in the world is not enough. Now they will offer communications services, but it is a bit unusual. What is it like to represent cellular communication from Google and how you can use the Internet access, we now understand, but at the same time generally talk about when traveling.

Google will always find than to make money.

The contents

What is Google Fi?

Google Fi is the best offer for international travelers. For only $ 10 they get 10 GB of bandwidth in more than 200 countries. Given the tariffs for the connection to USA, this price is almost equal to the domestic rates.

Initially, the SIM card , this program began to be sold in major American chain stores Best Buy. It happened in February, and by November sales, has affected shopping network Target.

Now, in slightly modified form these “kits traveler” began to be sold in U.S. airports. At the same time, we are not talking about retail sales and about the mobile phone stores, and on vending machines.

Vending machines are marked as Google Fi. Thus, when buying SIM cards for $ 10, you get the same amount into the account. That is to say that he is set free.

In this machine, you can buy a SIM card Google.

When buying a SIM card, it should be borne in mind that to activate it only on the USA. This reminds the buyer machine and the package itself. In fact, this is the only condition before using.

If after some time you will end traffic package, you can top up the account to purchase a new package. If you want to change the tariff to a more profitable, it also will not be a problem. There is even a flat rate with a monthly payment, but limit high-speed traffic is set at 22 GB. When viewing the videos in this tariff, the quality will be reduced to 480p.

Why Google’s new services

It seems that Google is all well and good, and additional services is unlikely to have a significant impact on the company’s profit. It is not so. Even a small extension allows you to occupy a different niche and start to dominate. In fact, the same effect Yandex. He visits the markets of delivery, taxi, music, car sharing and very much beneath them dominates.

The decision to place outlets in airports can most likely be explained with the desire of Google to test the niche and to understand how travel SIM can take a place among the necessities and commodities, along with inflatable pillows and hygiene products.

SIM card Google.

If it goes, Google may expand the use of this model realization of his love and presence in this market as a whole. Also, it may encourage existing operators to search for something new and convenient for customers. As usual, this will benefit only us.

Travel SIM cards

If you use the tourist SIM-cards, write in our Telegram chatwhat.

For myself, I chose DrimSIM, but lately, the service started working not as good as before. One limitation of refills is worth. Before you could go for a day or two, throw a couple of euros and enjoy at your leisure. Now minimum amount is 25 euros. So it is not always necessary.

A clear example of how Google is able to earn on the users. Sometimes against their will.

In such a situation, it is sometimes advantageous to take a package of gigabytes with your operator and do not think about the SIM card. Moreover, due to competition, rates are becoming lower and already very close to the “local SIM” in the country of destination.

Perhaps in the future, many banks will launch its own communication services that will be free to use their main products. It’ll be like the Bank cards, when first they paid a few hundred rubles a year, and now cashback on the contrary the map comes a few hundred rubles every month. Such a development of communication services would be most pleasant. The hope is given that such attempts already have MTS, Tinkoff and many others. Let’s see what happens.

Prospects eSIM

In General, the machines referred to in this article, you will soon become unnecessary. It is high time to replace the traditional SIM card on eSIM. Already, many operators offer such services, and manufacturers all make smartphones and other gadgets that support this format.

While these virtual cards are not available in all countries, but you can be sure that it is a matter of time. As soon as they are legalized, the manufacturers begin to abandon slots. Of course, the cards are small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take up valuable millimeters to the phone. Personally, I don’t mind throwing away physical SIM cards in favor of a couple of hundred “swings” of the battery. And you?

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