Google free Google will replace the Home, which broke after upgrading

Can an ecosystem that is used by man to influence his perception of the world? I think that maybe users of iOS and Android to prove it by example. The first has never been deprived of updates and therefore perceive them as a nice addition or confirmation of the relevance of their devices. Second, as a rule, can not boast the same, but because the majority is ready to install any updates, not ensuring their safety. From this stems the problem of health updated devices.

Google accidentally broke speakers Google Home around the world, but to change them will fail everywhere

This fall, Google has released an update for smart columns line Google Home, which led to the fact that some of them suddenly ceased to function. According to users who faced the problem, the device has ceased to respond to commands or other actions. After the problem has been made public, Google gave owners of problem gadgets a few walk-through tips like reboot or reset to factory. But neither action helped to bring the speakers to life.

Google Home is not responding

Google took almost two months to investigate the problem and identify its cause. But in spite of this, to return the defective device to life remotely or with automatic software updates was impossible. So Google announcedthat will simply replace the affected speakers new. Regardless of whether a gadget is out of warranty or term of service had expired. In the end, the blame for failure lies with the manufacturer, and hence bear the associated costs should it.

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However, there arises another problem. Due to the fact that Google Home because of advanced features and support of the Russian language are in high demand in Russia, then among the local users, surely there are those who are faced with the breakdown of the speakers after the upgrade. But since officially they are not sold here, expect to replace the owners of the failed gadgets are not necessary. Especially if the warranty is already out, because in this case, to count on the help of the seller who sold the goods.

How to replace Google Home in Russia

However, to refer to where you purchased the device, still stands. Despite the fact that it certainly was a grey seller, many of them are quite responsible and “lead” their customers to the end. Therefore, it is possible that the seller will just replace the faulty gadget to a new and will deal with Google itself. Well, if not, then you have to do it either alone or with the help of services of delivery from abroad.

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Situation when manufacturers have to change the device failed after the upgrade, there are quite rare. As a rule, there is a bug in the firmware that is not adequately perceived by the hardware device, which in turn prevents its further work. But since appearance is not to say that the reason for failure was the update released by the manufacturer, and not the actions of the user, such devices are usually carefully check, and then the replacement better be alone, so as not to be refused.

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