Google gathered its own services in one location as the Trips

قوقل تجمع خدماتها الخاصة بالسفر في موقع واحد باسم Trips

Offer Google many services, assistance in trip planning and travel reservations when you search online, but apparently they want to focus more on it by providing all services in one place for users to become way certified they have to get the.

The company integrates all its services under one roof on behalf of Trips, the site offers options to book hotels, flights, holiday packages or even enjoy the suggestions provided by them.

And Google in updated new users to organize their trips better, as would more data about the flight path and expected and other things that help in making the decision, and they will later show the track on its Maps.

Was Google provide services to assist in travel planning via search engine or VAM separately; for example, when you search for the flights will appear suggestions about some of the excursions in the sea, as well as when you search for hotels in Maps application which helps in reservation directly because of the advantage provided by the company recently, but now everything will be in one place to book travel and related with ease.

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