Google Gboard Go is now available for the supported devices running Android 8.1 Oreo


I told you that Google will be launching the light version of ” Go ” from the main application. This light version of the app designed to use less amount of memory and data mobile Internet, which is mainly to users in emerging markets. As you probably know, the Youtube app Go already succeeded in breaking the barrier of 10 million process download, the app a trader who is in the spotlight is a keyboard application Google Gboard Go. This app is now available for download for all devices running Android 8.1.

Google Gboard Go seems almost similar to Google Gboard normal, but it lacks some features like image search animated GIF, posters, and put one hand. According to users, the application uses Google Gboard Go only half the RAM used by the application Google Gboard normal, this may be the biggest reason will pay you to download this app.

According to the person who uploaded the APK file to your Google Gboard Go to website APK Mirror, this app will only appear in the Google Play Store for smartphones running recent Android Oreo and have a small amount of RAM. Also, if you don’t like the app, it is a little hard to go back to the regular version because to do this you will have to uninstall the updates via the Google Play Store in order to retrieve the features of GIF posters value.


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