Google give users of phones landed in Europe the freedom of choice of browser

Google recently announced about its plans to give users of the phones and landed in Europe the freedom of choice of search engine or browser of choice on their phones during the coming period.

Google will give Android users a choice of browser

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Start Google Inc. in response to the laws of development which developed from the European Union, which recently imposed in Europe against monopoly companies, so after that she drew buy Google charges back fondly on the programs in the operating system landed, where they were imposed on Google Inc a fine of $ 5 million.

Also in addition to the fine imposed on Google Inc., has committed not to impose the Chrome browser on the users in the platform landed, which led to the imposition of the Google licensing fees on the companies and applications that hinder the other companies in the Play Store, or choose the companies to include more chrome in the App Pack for free.

Recall that Google’s announcement on its plans for the new about giving users the freedom to choose Search Engine and browser, came through the company’s blog.


I know of

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