Google gives users more control over ads they watch

Announced Google today that it will launch a few new tools aim to make online advertising resilient through the properties in the name of the “AD settings” and “ignore ad”, so that users will able to control the ads they see while browsing various websites. May be encountered this scenario: you search for a specific product, and then shows you the Declaration of this product in all of the sites that you visit. These ads allow reminder, and Google to the advertisers they do, you after searching for your product and visit their site for a month, but you will be ignored. To hide this type of advertising, you will need to move to ads settings in your account Google, and move to the section of the Classifieds ticket and pressing the “X” next to any ad you don’t want it to appear for you anymore. In 2012, I began to Google in allowing users to ban certain ads inappropriate for them, and now expect the ability of users to AD-blocking, so that if you block an ad on your computer, it is blocked from appearing on the phone and vice versa. Source: Google

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