Google Glass Explorer Edition getting updated end

Got another update to the Google Glass Explorer Edition clean up after a company of the support system from now on.

نظارة جوجل Explorer Edition تحصل على تحديث النهايةGerman Burgos, assistant coach of Atletico Madrid with the glasses.

I got the system Google version Explorer Edition on its latest update according to the company, so that the update that arrived yesterday the system will be with the support of the company during the financial period, to be the sunglasses which was launched in 2012 within the project Project Glass, were sold at a price of 1,500 USD has reached the finish line after nearly 7 years of updates.

The last update will be installed manually by downloading it and then unzip and install it, and will update users UK the of their phones with the car.

In will stop the application MyGlass for work with the new update, users can connect the glasses via Bluetooth and capture video and audio.

These glasses have encountered the concerns of several users at launch especially when filming video clips, to evaluate the company in 2017 to announce a new version under the name of the Enterprise Edition for businesses and greater protection. According to the company, the support of new version will continue during the coming period despite the discontinuation of support for the old version, so that the Enterprise Edition offers the company better than its predecessor in various areas.

The new update will continue until 25 February of 2022, but users will not be able to run their glasses in case they didn’t install it before February 25 of the year 2020.

Recall that glasses ever seen we have many areas for conversions between its football with assistant coach Atletico Madrid Diego Simeone matches.



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