Google Gmail Go turn up to the Google Play Store


Google is still facing version of the light version of ” Go ” from the Main Applications own smart phones streaming that includes 1GB of RAM or less. After all of Youtube and Google Gboard and Google Assistant, Google Now issue a light version of the e-mail application Gmail which bear the name of Google Gmail Go.

This app is currently available on the Google Play Store, but it is currently available for download in a limited number of countries and also for the supported devices running Android 8.1 Oreo just. However, there is the APK file for this app if you want to download it and install it manually on your device.

Google Gmail Go almost say everything you can do using the Gmail app normal. However, it has been the design of the Gmail app Go new to use the RAM better and upload photos upon request. When paired with the keyboard application Google Gboard Go, for example, the rate of consumption of Internet data will significantly, although you won’t be able to insert all the animated GIF images.

If the Google Gmail Go you don’t like it, you should uninstall it from the Google Play Store rather than move to the settings on your smart phone.



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