Google Go Beyond the barrier of 100 million download in the shadow of the growth of sales of Android phones Go

google play store design-blanc

Android Go is the light version of Android is designed to be used in smart phones flowing that do not have those technical specifications capable of running Android full. This light version of Android with versions of light of the Google apps core, including Google Go.

Link to the Google app Go Now to more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, which means that sales of Android phones Go are already starting to move. In September of last year, the number of operations download the Google app Go barely 10 million in the process of downloading, so it seems that the efforts of Google, which aims to meet the needs of those who can’t or don’t want to buy smart phones expensive is beginning to bear fruit.

Note that we can in fact assume that it has been selling more than 100 million phone Android Go even now, despite the fact that Google Go comes pre-installed with every Android phone Go, as you can actually install the app on other phones. May be some people have this idea because the Google Go does not consume a great deal of internet data, and this is what makes it very popular in some developing markets.


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