Google Go is now available for users in the Arab states!

Google officially announced about the availability of Google Go “light version of the application Google Search” now users all over the world including the Arab states.

تطبيق Google Go متوفر الآن للمستخدمين في الدول العربية

Google Go is now available for users in the Arab states

Google has launched a light version of the application to search its own first time in 2017 on devices running the Android Go and download it exclusively on users in India, Indonesia, until this announcement.

Enjoy the light version of Google search ability to work with minimal consumption of the internet, where the consumption of mobile data by 40% for the standard version, so it consumes less battery, and less space of the phone memory.

The app comes also with a model light from the Lens allows you to read words you see and translate and search for them using the phone’s camera, The found text, want to translate it or read it, open the Lens and then point the camera to him to hear the words out loud or translated or both.

Google Go app

Google Go app

Not forgetting Google, of course, about the features of artificial intelligence, to deliver a seamless experience and quick access to sites and applications, and you will now have the option of downloading a smaller number of apps where the app gives you access to versions web of your favorite apps, and remember Google Joe your place and retrieve the search results to you as soon as the connection to the internet.

Finally the Google app Go is now available on the Google Play Store the size of a 7 megapixel only, and can be downloaded now on all Android devices which are used to issue the Android Lollipop What the latest, and you can try it out now.

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of news apps if level befitting the user Arab.

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