Google Go will read web pages and in 28 languages

تطبيق Google Go سيدعم قراءة صفحات الويب وبـ 28 لغة

Gradually increase the number of apps Go Google the store Google Play, the latest of these apps is the Google Go which is the Lite version of the application Google main, where it was launched in April of this year, and yesterday the company announced the Update for the perpetrator to investigate and will read web pages out loud in 28 different languages.

With this application will facilitate the discovery of the best in the internet, especially with smart phones low specifications or network connections, gas level, according to the can help dictate the web page to learn something new, or allow you to listen if you are busy, as and the words are highlighted during reading with the adjust the speed of sound to taste.

Finally, with regard to the time that we can stop the advent of this new feature, Google says it will be “in coming weeks”, with its support of 28 languages and billions of web pages, if you’re interested you can install the Google Go through the File Download the APK from here.

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