Google granted hardware is ratified to run their own applications

Google Pixel 2 XL

Is the use of the products and services of Google by a lot of people on a daily basis, which is also an integral part of Android which makes it integrate better with the operating system of Google compared to iOS. You know, the company Google that and for that reason usually have a set of criteria that should be on the manufacturers of smart phones abide by so you can put these applications and services already on the devices.

However, it seems that Google is about to make things a little harder. Prior to this, the smartphone manufacturers that have not sent their request or have been rejected keep putting Google applications preinstalled on its devices, but it seems that the company Google has decided to change that so that it will now verifies the first device. If you did not check the device, it will prevent Google Apps work on this device.

While this is a good news because it means improved quality and ensure compatibility, it would be a problem for users of the Romans, ROM. Given that most of the Romans developed by third-party developers and night, it will be difficult for you to run Google Apps. But fortunately, Google is aware of that and a white list for users to send Android ID to their own to become possible for them to run Google Apps on this ROM only, which must be taken into consideration if you’re having problems running Google Apps.


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