Google has a plan to protect Android users but they will not like application developers

You might have in previous weeks -especially if you’ve been following us continuously. I heard about the steps Google is continuing to delete the apps that contain ads harmful from the Play Store only to harmful applications not only show ads but some say to send short messages which is what cost the phone owner money additional!

Developers and owners of these bad apps were also successfully disguise users as some of these apps don’t show no icon of the foundation and the cancellation of the inauguration and all this, of course, have paid Google to take steps to resolve this problem and also have succeeded in the planning system Pl

Today notified the Google developers they will make the time needed to review applications prior to publication on the App Store longer in order to protect the users more and more effective as well added Google, it will review the updates to existing applications faster than the application of entirely new, and of course decision to Google that you may not like the developers very much, this is first, secondly, this resolution will add in a lot of effort on Google itself.

You might expect that this resolution will start harassing the developers in the future however, and these days may be the impact of this decision on one of the developers, a company Chocie of Games where that the company has published a blog entry on her blog, and buy from that Google has taken a very long time to review the game before publishing it on the App Store! It behooves us to mention that this company publishes games on the Play Store since 2010.

You can follow the blog Choice of Games from here.

Of course these may be individual case or the problem may be occurred because this system is new on Google, but no one knows how it will affect the decision of Google’s New Play Store.

Source: PhoneArena

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