Google has added in Chrome features that you’re going to use

No matter how friendly was the mobile app, every day we find hundreds of reasons to open a desktop web browser. It is therefore logical to expect that it will be intuitive and clear, allowing you to comfortably perform tasksthat require access to the web. Chrome is one such, but it does not prevent Google regularly update, releasing certain improvements that can make browsing the web is enjoyable and convenient. For example, like now.

Updated Google Chrome

Tonight, Google has released the latest update to the desktop version of Chrome, which can greatly simplify the work with the browser and to configure it so as conveniently to the user.

The results of the queries in the search box

Preview of search queries

The first change that immediately catches the eye is that Chrome now displays answers to some questions directly in the address bar. It can be weather in a particular region, exchange rates or define unfamiliar terms. Despite the insignificance of the new function, it can reduce the time to search some of the data instead of forcing the user to surf the links from the search results to find the desired information.

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The second innovation is the emergence of new customization tools browser. If before using third-party themes can change the interface only as a whole, it is now possible to change individual components — from the tone controls up screen home screen. However, while these features are not available to all users, they will have to be activated manually.

Customization Chrome

To do this, go to the address chrome://flags and find the Chrome settings menu Colors, Custom color picker for Chrome Color menu and menu customization NTP version 2. After that on home screen will appear “setup” button, which when pressed will open a new menu with the options of customization.

How to enable preview links in Chrome

Previews of open pages in Chrome

The third novelty — thumbs open links. This feature will be very helpful to those who have the habit of opening dozens of web pages, and then irritated because of the fact that can not effectively to be good at them. However, in the updated version of Chrome has the opportunity to include a preview with the title and even the image of what is happening on the background of the web page. For this experimental menu, you need to include the flags Tab Cards and Tab Hover Hover Images.

However, visible changes did not stop. It turns out that the current update of Chrome was extra, because it fixes four critical vulnerabilities, one of which allows attackers via special scripts placed on the compromised sites, to control the devices of their victims.

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