Google has added to Gmail for Android with support for dynamic message

Gmail, unlike Chrome or Google Play, is updated quite rarely. And what is there to upgrade if its main purpose is only to receive and send messages. Therefore, every new update that Google releases for the postal service, is always a significant event, after all, it means that the developers found out how to make it even better. Last time, for example, the company completely redesigned the Gmail interface in the style Material Design 2.0, and this added support for dynamic messaging.

Gmail for Android adds support for dynamic messages. It happened about six months after the web version

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In simple terms, dynamic messages are messages with interactive content. If the traditional messages generally consist of text, images and links that you need to go to to take some action, dynamic messages allow you to do everything you need without leaving Gmail. Let’s say you got an email with the form you need to fill. Usually you just need to click on a link which will open in the browser and run the form.

Why you need a dynamic message

With dynamic messages all wrong. They allow all manipulations in the message box. Of course, this requires, in essence, to transform the message in the mirror site, so that the user can interact with it without leaving the service. But since dynamic messages based on technology accelerated Accelerated mobile pages Mobile Pages, then they load as fast as usual. The result is wins and the user who does not need to go to the browser and therefore have to spend less time on interaction with the message and the sender, which thus increases the chance that his administration will respond to more people.

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You probably already knew that especially the dynamic messages are intended for companies that do mass mailings. In any case, to send the same message to friends you most likely will not succeed. The fact is that to create dynamic messages, you must have knowledge of programming, to understand the technology and AMP HTML. Well, since even many companies often refuse to understand this type of messages, and they can be found infrequently.

Problems with dynamic messages

However, dynamic messages have disadvantages. Due to the fact that all actions on the message are made through Gmail, increasing the likelihood of phishing attacks. Now attackers don’t even have to create fake websites to extract users have their billing information or usernames and passwords to access accounts. They will simply send a dynamic message on behalf of someone else and wait until the victim will not fall into the trap of revealing all the information to outsiders. After all, if to recognise a phishing site is relatively easy, the phishing message with content — much more difficult.

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First dynamic message appeared at the beginning of this year, the web version of Gmail. Then their interest in developing the technology said, Nexxt, Pinterest and other popular services, which found that dynamic message will improve the user response. However, after more than six months practice shows that the majority of companies involved in sending, keep sending a regular message and not bother about creating a dynamic. In any case, about three dozen newsletters that I signed, dynamic messages come only from two to three.


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