Google has added to Google Assistant support quick commands

Voice assistants are useful to all. They control a smart home for us looking for information on the Internet and perform other tasks like set an alarm or reminders. However, for some reason, few people remember that the use of voice assistants with comfort may be the only people without disorders of the vocal apparatus. In the end, to give the virtual assistant a team can only be a voice, whereas if you start to write, you can spend even more time than doing the tasks. Fortunately, Google took care of it.

In Assistant Google now support quick commands

The developers of Google have added to Google Assistant for Android support quick commands. In contrast to the fast commands, Siri for iOS, these allow you to create presets for specific tasks, and then make their shortcuts on the desktop to be able to run them with the click of a finger, by analogy with applications. Thus, one can facilitate many tasks to users with impaired speech who are unable to pronounce the voice command.

How to operate a quick Google Assistant

Despite the fact that a quick Google Assistant does not require voice activated, they can create whole scenarios. For example, one command may simultaneously control the alarm, enable night theme and start playback of a podcast or YouTube video. To do this, simply create a fast team, and then to make it on a Desk to be able to activate it.

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A quick Google Assistant, the assurances of Google itself will facilitate the use of smartphones for people with speech disorders and suffering from cerebral palsy, autism and other cognitive disorders. Practice shows that they largely avoid the use of smart devices, because they are afraid that not cope with their functionality. And thanks to the quick commands and scripts that they allow to run, Android will become the most inclusive operating system.

How to enable quick Google Assistant

At the moment, fast team at Google Assistant is available only to program participants pre-testing. However, to apply for accession to it, anyone can. To do this, go to this link, fill out a form and send it for review to Google. If your candidacy will choose — which is very likely — you will be sent additional instructions for installing special apps or update existing to access the commands.

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