Google has been working on the return of Google to China years ago

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For many years, has not been allowed for many technology companies and Web services to work in China or decided to withdraw himself voluntarily from the country, this is the case with Google, which was absent from the country over the past years. But recently there have been reports saying that Google plan to work, it seems that they were working on it years ago.

According to a report released recently by the website The Intercept, it seems that the company Google is working continuously to improve its search engine over the years to ensure with the laws of China, namely, to prevent the discovery of words, phrases or certain topics have been banned officially by the Chinese government.

This is done through the web site supports which was acquired by Google Inc in 2008, essentially what the company Google is providing many terminology and phrases search and see if you have been denied. This is because search requests that are entered in the website mentioned above is re-routed effectively to the Chinese search engine Baidu, which is the most popular search engine in China.

Due to the Declaration of China on the control from time to time, such as the prohibition of war ” N ” or the prohibition of the movie ” Christopher Robin“, we imagine that Google’s search engine controlled must be careful sure to show the appropriate content. Understanding the reason behind the desire of Google to return to China, although there are some legislators Americans who do not feel thrilled about it.


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