Google has been working with Huawei on the speaker smart sound, but has been canceled now for the reason the usual

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Google has its own set of smart speakers under its own brand Google Home. However, it seems that the company had a Google speaker smart post Sound work on its development in collaboration with Huawei, but it seems that has now been canceled these plans after the company was listed Huawei in the black list of US government.

This according to a new report recently released from the location of The Information, a report which says that Google was already working on the development of the speaker smart sound with Huawei about a year ago, a smart speaker that was supposed to include a digital assistant Google Assistant. It is not surprising that the two companies work together on the smart speaker this, especially that both companies raised their close relationship.

In the past, worked for Huawei, and Google to other products, such as phone Nexus 6P. It is not yet clear what are the features that would style by the speaker of the smartphone and how it will distinguish itself from the rest of the smart speakers available in the market today. However, since it was cancelled now, it seems we will never know.

The report continues to add that the two companies are working together on how to make phones Huawei Smart compatible with the platform Android Auto for cars. In the meantime, the company was able to Huawei of get rid kind of problems encountered with the authorities of America, the latter has now begun to allow U.S. companies to deal once again with the Huawei, even if that is the terms.


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