Google has created an augmented reality microscope for cancer diagnosis

Augmented reality, contrary to what a lot of people, not just limited to the game industry and can be used in quite serious areas. For example, employees of Google introduced the “smart” microscope, which is based on artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology can conduct a fairly accurate diagnosis of cancer.

Responsible for the development of a team of scientists from the Google Brain. The new device, in addition to the AR technology and AI, is based on a standard optical light microscope, slightly modified to work with the above technologies. For the modernization of the microscope Google engineers placed between the eyepiece and the lens two modules. The first uses a translucent mirror that reflects part of the light on photometric, while the second projects the received image and superimposes it on the image of the studied sample.

This means that the technology can be embedded in any more or less equipped medical laboratory. The platform allows real-time image analysis and to present the results of cell recognition, which conducted the study. The image refresh rate is 10 frames per second, which is enough for a diagnosis. The algorithm is based on the technology of machine vision and machine learning. As specialists declare Google to adopt a new method of diagnosis to detect any cancer, but at the moment the device defines breast cancer metastases in the lymph nodes and prostate cancer.

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