Google has doubled the reward for reporting gaps in the Chrome browser for $ 30,000

قوقل تضاعف مكافئة الإبلاغ عن ثغرات في متصفح كروم لـ 30,000 دولار

As usual, tech companies large dedicated Google an amount of money as much as 30 A. the role of the future for people who succeed in finding and reporting loopholes in the browser Google Chrome. As the company began to approach rewards within the program for reporting security vulnerabilities for the Chrome browser since 2010.

Where I started financed by the Financial in the amount of 5 thousand dollars to 15 thousand dollars; to the day they doubled the amount of money if they find security flaws account the counter to $ 30 thousand, as stated in her blog.

Explained Google it since launch rewards program has reached its 8500 report of researchers safe the existence of loopholes in the browser, and instead of spending approximately $ 5 million as bonuses to them.

Gaps operating system Chrome

At the level of the operating system Chrome “Chrome OS” the company said it may also raise the value equivalent to 150 thousand dollars when you find any gaps that would harm the devices Chromebook وChromebox she put the guest account (Guest Mode).

Not only the police raise reward money for the two previous two, but raised the value of the prize money for fuzz testing is the process of selecting software and codes office for a certain product, whether a network or system looking for a malfunction or faulty may leave after security.

Where the company has raised the value of the equivalent pressure; and up to $ 1,000 to the researcher who succeeds in finding and reporting on the codes random or malfunction on the following the output of a client test this.

Equivalent modest financial protection of a huge fine

An asylum Google to raise the value of the reward in front of an audience of researchers or even the amateur from the owners of white hands seeking behind these awards clear odd; in time it became the work of the technical companies this approach is commonplace.

Especially at a time when the gaps which cause harm to the users and lead to leak of their personal data in in often times, so influential negatively on the user and the company’s technical service.

As it can be considered as a prevention of Google to avoid the dilemma of fines from oversight bodies and the protection of user data; in which conflict the severe in laws, to a fine of up times the bonuses allocated to researchers hundreds of times in cases of poisoning are obvious and in ways of protection.

Anyway, an opportunity for the owners of experience in this field to reap maximises the money in an illegal manner, in the case of the arrival of their gaps, taking into account that there is no absolute protection in the world of software.

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