Google has forced OnePlus to cancel its partnership with Epic Games

Raise the gaming company Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Google after the recent deletion of the game free from the Play Store similar to what Apple has done previously this move was expected, both the step epic committee to eliminate or step Google in deleting the game.

On the other hand claimed the company Epic that Google has forced OnePlus to cancel its collaboration with epic, this contract was Seth a custom application to run the game free phones OnePlus is Fortnite Launcher which it will be installed already on the phones OnePlus.

Also according to Epic for has nice LG also add a line game free on its phones in advance -which is the Epic Games – all of this while Google refused to comment on the whole thing.

Recall that these collaborations between the epic James and the manufacturers of smart phones aims to provide the game is pre-installed on phones without the need to download them from the store of Google, which is one of the reasons, on the other hand, the reason for deleting the free store my play and App Store is available epic the possibility of payment directly without the use of a payment service Google or Apple, which frees the latter from the ratio of the two.

Source: The Verge

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