Google has introduced an important update to Android. Don’t wait to install

This week Google started spreading December’s security updates, which is intended to fix numerous vulnerabilities, including a critical, and also increases the stability of compatible devices. At the time of the publication of the update is available for download only for the owners of smartphones Google Pixel and Essential, however, as soon as available will be distributed among devices from competing manufacturers.

First of all, the update optimizes the performance of memory on smartphone Pixel current generation. Now the machines will be more efficient use of RAM, keeping running in the background, more applications and browser tabs. Apparently, Google was faced with mass user complaints about “incontinence” their smartphones and are no longer able to ignore them, deciding to prove that even 4 GB of RAM is sufficient for most tasks.

Correction the December security patch

— Improved autofocus;
— Established notifications.
— Improved compatibility with Android Auto;
— Improved compatibility with Pixel Stand;
— Improved volume control through a Bluetooth connection;
— Improved audio quality when connected to Android Auto;
— Improved camera shutter;
— Improved speed unlock when Bluetooth is enabled.

In addition, the update includes a number of bug-fixes. The most serious vulnerability fixed by the update, refers to the multimedia system and allows the cyber criminals to start vulnerable device arbitrary code. So hackers can gain access to personal data of users and even to seize their Bank accounts and financial savings.

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