Google has made a serious step towards the merger of Android and Fuchsia

The source code for Android received the support of the kernel Zircon underlying operating system Fuchsia, found a developer with the nickname forkbomb444. This could mean that Google is a probability of absorption of the old platform new complete translation devices for more improved and advanced OS.

Experts who study the situation, and believe that the confluence of systems, at least at this stage, should not wait. The most likely scenario, which follows Google, is to equip our Fuchsia support Android apps with the goal of further popularization of the operating system, as previously happened with Chrome OS.

Google though does not hide the fact that the development of the new OS, open source, prefers not to give any comment about her further fate. Currently, the project is considered experimental. This status means that the very fact that a given platform does not mean that it will ever come to market.

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