Google has made Google Home speakers suitable for the Russian user

The system of smart devices for home self-production of Google, which today is represented by three smart speakers and one smart display to for some time was something unattainable for users from Russia. And it’s not that the search giant does not supply its equipment to the domestic market, and many restrictions, which – wittingly or unwittingly – Google it imposed. Fortunately, over time, these restrictions are becoming less and less.

After Google Assistant built into Google Home, speaking Russian, smart column the search giant has become a much more attractive purchase for the average Russian citizen. With the ability to speak with a gadget in their native language, the Russians began increasingly to pay attention to smart speakers, more organically inscribing them in their daily lives.

Why you need Google Home

For example, I have learned to use them not only for verification of weather forecasts, but also to control other gadgets like smart bulbs, robot vacuum cleaners and other utensils. That’s just the main feature speaker – play music – many of them still remained inaccessible.

Now, according to MacRumors, Google was able to negotiate with Apple about integrating Apple Music in Google Home Google Home Hub. This means that subscribers of the music service Apple owns the smart columns and displays the search giant will be able to use the same platform for music listening, where you will be able to control the voice. It is enough to ask Google Assistant, which is available on Google Home Mini for $ 49 and Google Home Max for $ 349.

Apple Music in Google Home

Introduction Apple Music to Google Home should further enhance the attractiveness of smart speakers Google in the eyes of Russian consumers. In fact, studies show that it is the “Apple” service enjoys among Russians the most popular among the paid alternatives from competing companies. Now for Google it is important to submit a really good quality sounding column, which will not be ashamed to listen to a multimillion-dollar library Apple Music.

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