Google has prepared Gboard 7.7. It’s definitely the update?

On Monday, Google has activated the function of the floating keyboard Gboard. Users can now undock the window, set text, change the size and install it in any convenient location on the display. The keyboard still accepts swipe, what exactly fans will appreciate this method. Now employees are updating the program to version 7.7. Reporters looked inside the code and found the key innovations of update.

New solutions programmers looking for staff 9to5google. They decompiled the latest version of Gboard and have explored many lines of code. Several innovations, while their final release is not guaranteed. In theory, Google can give up some features, although this usually happens very rarely.

First of all, reporters noted the presence of advanced clipboard. Work on the so-called Clipbord began in August, and now Google is ready to present the full version features.

Update Gboard

Now when you highlight and copy text the owners of Android devices will see the new menu, the clipboard. He remembers the numerous phrases and phrases and allows you to use them later. The principle of operation with the updated Clipbord show on the video.

By the way, to add new words directly.

Gboard 7.7 also supports built-in voice dialing. The scheme is simple: you dictate the sentences, and smartphone standalone recognizes them and converts to text. It happens inside the device, so that the history will not be stored on servers or sent to Google.

So far only supported American English. Before using you need to download a data package in this case it is 85 megabytes. New languages are unlikely to be forthcoming.

Finally, experts were able to activate a light “sand” theme. Code indicates to add the 53, but they have not yet found. It would look so.

Also changed the location of Emoji.

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