Google has redefined the power saving mode in latest update Android

The company Google has adjusted the operation of the power saving mode in Android OS in accordance with his recommendations. Changes providing for the unification of the power saving mode with the night theme of the interface, came into effect with the release of the November security updates., whose release was last week. This was done to further extend the battery life of compatible devices, postponing their complete discharge.

Activation night the theme is able to reduce the power consumption of a smartphone regardless of type of display, which they are equipped. According to representatives of Google, the display of the dark elements of the interface consumes up to 60% fewer resources than light. For this reason, Google developers decided it would be more than logical to combine blackout and energy saving modes to maximize the effectiveness of their joint work.

Dark theme in Android

According to the developers Google night theme will be automatically activated in the power saving mode, and a trigger to disable will deactivate the mode. This solution, though very logical from the point of view of efficiency, can meet a negative reaction from users. As shown, many users do not tolerate the appearance of night themes, preferring, when elements of the OS interface is painted in bright colors.

It is important to understand that Google is in no hurry to optimize a night theme for all of its applications and services. Despite the systematic work which the developers of the search giant’s lead in this direction, many programs for Android are still only day theme, which, as it turns out, has a negative impact on the autonomy of mobile devices. And, considering that the night theme is not supported on most Android smartphones, the Google thing is really quite strange.

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