Google has released an application ruler Measure on both the iOS 12

The company Google has introduced their application ruler Measure. The development, which is based on augmented reality technology, allows you to measure the objects of the material world with any smartphone running Android with support framework ARCore.

App Measure and augmented reality

By and large Measure for Android works exactly the same as the equivalent for iOS. Simply point the camera of a smartphone with pre-installed application on the measurement object to estimate its size, and then impose on him the virtual ruler and to get the result.

Is that accurate?

A cursory analysis of the application showed that Google’s algorithms quite clearly done its job, demonstrating as close to reality measurement results. Despite this, the search giant recommends that you do not rely on Measure, which always allows a small margin of error.

How to download?

In contrast to the line for iOS, which will only be available with the release of the twelfth iteration of the mobile OS from Apple, proprietary development of Google now available to download more than three dozen different devices. To see the full list of compatible models Measure can at this link.

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Application: Measure

Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 238 people

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