Google has released the Android Auto app on the phone screen for smartphones

Despite the fact that Google is trying to regularly update all my apps in the new program it produces quite rare, and if released, they usually do not acquire the popularity of existing programs. I think that the black strip has begun with the social network Google+, after which a large portion of all applications that have been released by the search giant, had no success with users. However, this did not deter the company, and she continued to experiment with the software. The past experience of the company was the app “Android Auto on the screen of the phone.” Understand why it is needed, what can and what fate awaits him.

Android Auto on the screen of the phone appeared because of the low demand for Android Auto from the car manufacturers

This week Google has released the app “Android Auto on the screen of the phone.” Oddly enough, it does exactly what the developer stated in the title, — provides access to system functionality Android Auto on the screen of the smartphone. The need for this application arose because of insufficiently wide spread of automobile platforms, which is not yet very popular with automakers. Therefore, most likely, “Android Auto on your phone screen”, like many other Google applications, is a temporary solution.

What you can do with Android Auto on your phone screen

Android Auto on the screen of the phone is able almost everything is the same as the full platform. So the difference you feel

In fact, the “Android Auto on your phone screen” is an additional work Desk with a design in the style of Android Auto with large buttons to activate key functions. In this mode, the usual desktops are locked, and the user is prompted to interact only with those capabilities that can be useful on the road, without being distracted by extraneous factors. From the desktop of Android Auto, you can control music playback, navigate, send messages and call. And if necessary you can just use voice assistant that will obey your commands, without requiring you to touch the display and be distracted by it while driving.

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Despite the fact that Google wants to use “Android Auto on the screen of the phone” as a replacement for a full-fledged platform, the company has made it available for download only for the owners of smartphones running Android 10. Machines with earlier operating system versions are not compatible and can not enjoy its benefits. It seems that this is illogical, given that in the interest of Google to achieve the widest possible distribution of Android Auto. However, nothing unusual in this. Google is absolutely the norm to limit the operation of certain features and apps, only new devices, depriving old.

Than Google will replace the Android Auto on your phone screen

But the “Android Auto on the screen of the phone” really is a temporary solution, and Google itself recognizes this, acknowledging that refuses it. Soon the company will release the update for Google Assistant, which will be a special driving mode. Most likely, it will be activated automatically when establishing the connection with the media system of the vehicle, and providing the user with the ability to make all the necessary manipulations of the voice, not distracted from the road. This would be the most logical and safe way to interact with the functions to which access may be required directly during the movement.

Download Android Auto on your phone screen

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