Google has released the web version of Google video chat Duo

Google is hard to overestimate. Many of us cannot imagine a life without the eponymous search engine, maps, and mobile application store. But sometimes, even the Google failures happen and some of its products were not attractive to users. Then the search giant, without further ADO, or closes a failed project, or continues to invest in its continued development and to distribute it in all possible ways, which is what happened with Google video servicom Duo, who received a full web version.

Thanks to the advent of the web version of the Google Duo ones who knew about its existence, will receive additional opportunities for communication, and those who hear about it first, you can try it without having to install a mobile application. To do this, go to Google Duo on this link, register if you haven’t done so before, and adding friends to the contact list, start communicating via video.

How does the web version of the Google Duo

The web version of the Google Duo, in spite of everything, is a complete service for video calling, which includes a list of contacts that you can call, allows you to check your appearance before you make a call and receive calls, even if the page closed. For this the developers provided a notification system which will not allow to miss the call, regardless of the platform that is used by the caller.

Due to its cross-platform Google Duo could be a useful alternative services-competitors FaceTime. Use it to set the video or audio will be users of devices based on a variety of platforms – from Windows to iOS. However, to use the service on smartphones and tablets still have to use the app, which is available in the Russian segment of catalogs the App Store and Google Play totally free.

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