Google has removed 700 thousand apps from the Google Play Store in 2017 – what’s the reason?!

No cost period passes without hearing about malicious apps appear on the Google Play Store, and it seems that Google is making a great path to protect users before the arrival of those apps to their devices. Google announced today that it has deleted 700 thousand apps from the Google Play Store by 2017 for violating store policy.

جوجل أزالت 700 ألف تطبيق من متجر جوجل بلاي في عام 2017 - ما السبب؟!

Google has removed 700 thousand apps from the Google Play Store in 2017 – what’s the reason?!

The number of applications that have been deleted in 2017 more by about 70% compared to 2016, as the most important thing the Google has deleted 99% of them before being able to any user who accessed and downloaded.

Why not delete the apps from the Google Play Store is?

Google absolutely will not hesitate to delete any application that contains malicious software designed to steal user data or the monument and fraud, but there is another important reason, and to him is attributed the deletion of 250 thousand application out of 700 thousand application deleted (i.e., roughly the equivalent of three) and the apps are fake that try to simulate or clone applications other popular and reliable.

There are also other causes that may lead to deletion of apps for violating the terms and conditions and policies need to follow the Google Play such as apps you know pornographic content or extreme violence or contain expressions of hatred and incitement or those applications that work to promote illegal activities.

جوجل أزالت 700 ألف تطبيق من متجر جوجل بلاي في عام 2017 - ما السبب؟!

Why not delete the apps from the Google Play Store is?

Recently Google launched the Brate protection Google Play Protect program on the Google Play store, which automatically checks each of the apps within the App Store to discover malicious activity for any application.

Though Google recognized that there are some apps that can cheat and override the methods of protection available in the store, and that’s what has been spotted recently around 60 application sources software AdultSwine malware, is a fake children or to resist the virus to trick the user as they view the ads pornographic. These apps combined have been downloaded 7 million times before Google delete it.

And for you as a user, don’t hesitate to report applications that you suspect they suspect or know of inappropriate content through the app page the suspect on the Google Play Store.

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