Google has removed the popular keyboard for Android from Google Play. What’s the matter?

Google Play, in spite of the relative safety compared to other app catalogs, and then finds himself in the center of a scandal due to a new malware that infiltrated its range. But if earlier it was mostly application of forgery, which gathered user credentials, now we had decisions held quite a of developers like the popular TouchPal keyboard, which was recently removed for violating the rules of placement.

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As reported by BuzzFeed News, Google has removed from Google Play TouchPal keyboard theme and other applications of the Studio CooTek because of the built-in plugin BeiTaAd. It showed ads in the free version of the app, but the paid, and even when the keyboard itself was inactive.

Is it possible to install third-party keyboards

After TouchPal found BeiTaAd, the developers at CooTek has released an announcement that removed the plugin from all of its applications. However, their re-analysis showed that the plugin was removed only 2 applications out of more than 60, while all the rest of them just hid. This eventually led to the fact that censors Google Play has removed most of the apps from CooTek directory.

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In the words of the developer, its representatives are in talks with Google about returning the brand FOR the range Google Play. However, before that happens, obviously, from CooTek will require to eliminate infringement and remove from their applications malicious components.

Is it safe to Google Play?

Practice shows that lately the developers of the popular Android applications began to behave more opportunistic than before. Of course, they are not yet inserted into its components-spies, that have collected user names and passwords, but increasingly discrediting themselves to surveillance of the movements of the users and display advertisements even in the paid versions of programs to run in the background.

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