Google has removed the section of the tablets with Android

The history of Android began with the release of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the company has paid much attention to tablets, but in recent years their popularity plummeted, and manufacturers ceased to produce new products. In this regard, Google has decided to remove the section of the tablets from the site This means only one thing – the company’s tablets are more interesting, and to adapt Android for this form factor Google is not going to.

It’s a little insulting, especially given the iOS 11, in which special attention was given to tablets, but this has a specific meaning. Lately on the market there are more hybrid laptops on ChromeOS touch screen. Besides, already now many of the “chromebooks” out of the box support Google Play. Thus, the “chromebooks” came to replace Android tablet.

A screenshot of the header of the website

And this is the right step, because it makes no sense to adapt Android for large screens, when there is ChromeOS already adapted interface. The company thus distinguished between two systems, so they do not interfere with each other.

In addition, the diagonal displays of smartphones increasing every year, and the need for tablets is reduced to zero. In my opinion, “chromebooks” are very comfortable and represent something between tablets and conventional notebooks. What think our readers?

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