Google has renamed the operating system for iPhone users

Google made the decision about the need for rebranding of the operating system for smart watches Android Wear and renamed it Wear OS, the official blog of the company. According to representatives of the search giant, last but not least it was done because of iPhone users, owning a third of all wearable devices on Android Wear.

“The development of our technology and relationships with partners, changing the perception [of products] from our users — it is told in the company message. — So, at the end of 2017, one-third of the total number of users of devices running Android Wear are iPhone owners”.

Consumer interest in smart watches based on Android Wear, or Wear OS, is due to the wide range of models from different manufacturers. While Apple three years in a row exploits the design of the Apple Watch first generation, competitors have had some time to radically change the paradigm. Take solutions LG or Misfit, which at the same time have done a really huge way.

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