Google has started to ban users for blocking ads in YouTube

Block ads — something extremely controversial. On the one hand, site owners often go overboard and post banners and pop-UPS on every square inch of their web resources. In such cases, the sin is not to block all this garbage, not to load once again your computer and a vision. On the other hand, there are a large number of good administrators who know the measure is and make so that it nobody is particularly bothered. Not supporting them is sheer arrogance. What about YouTube?

To block ads in the YouTube, but for serious it is to pay

There are many ways to block ads in YouTube. For this some simply draw up a paid subscription. The second use special DNS services, which impede the passage of traffic from advertisers. And still others turn to cracked apps like NewPipe that allow you to watch YouTube video without interruption on advertising. He is the only that users see are only native integration bloggers, telling about a product or service in their video that just could not hold Google.

How to block ads in YouTube

As reported by one of the users of GitHub, Google blocked his account for using the app NewPipe. Before that, the company sent him a letter in which he said that it violates the terms of use of hosting that uses tools that are downloaded from outside Google Play, to block ads. Needless to say, directly that the reason for blocking the account was the application NewPipe, Google said, but because it was the only software that the user downloaded from the official catalog, he concluded that we are talking about it.

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At first glance, everything is logical. Break the rules get banned. However, on closer examination it turns out one interesting detail. The fact that NewPipe not in any way involve information from your Google account, and then could not give the company data about who uses the application. Hence, the possibility to block the user NewPipe Google was not. But this is only the case if we assume that the company doesn’t track you, as she claims. But if watching?

Whether or not Google us?

If Google actually keeps track of all of our actions and, even worse — not deanonymize them, so all this time the search giant lied to us, claiming the opposite. In any case, if the user of the developer portal GitHub, where you are versed and knowledgeable people, there was no explanation of how this could happen, then Google lied to us here.

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Someone will probably say that he doesn’t care about Google spying on them or not. By and large it really is. If you are a criminal who is planning something illegal, afraid you really have nothing. Is that leaks of personal data that occur almost every week and contain such amounts of private information, usually confidential, that inevitably begin to think about how to “be removed from the Internet” and, having left on a desert island, never to appear online.

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