Google has started to charge for their apps. Expect higher prices on smartphones

Retail prices for Android smartphones in Europe and Russia in particular could rise in the foreseeable future. This follows from the statement that Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior Vice-President of Google on development of software platforms, made in your blog. The reason for that, according to him, will lead to the revision of the manufacturers pricing policy, on brand name products, is the search giant’s intention to start providing their applications and services solely for a fee.

As stated Lockheimer, the concept providing for the distribution of applications and services Google apart from Android, is a requirement of European antitrust authorities. According to officials, the separation of software from the operating system will give vendors the right to choose what programs to preinstall on their smartphones, and Google will limit the uncontrolled collection of information about users.

Paid apps Google

Google ready to comply with the requirements of the European authorities, says Lockheimer, but is forced to begin to provide a license to use your FOR money, to be able to continue to work on its development. And since many vendors still do not dare to abandon the development of the search giant, all expenses will be borne by the consumers.

For the convenience of manufacturers Google has decided to group applications and corporate services packages. For example, the first package will include Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube, second Google Search and Chrome and so on. Therefore, vendors will be able to obtain a license for wholesale, not losing the opportunity to refuse services that, in their opinion, will not be demanded by consumers and for which there is no sense to overpay.

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