Google has taught the Google Assistant to be working without the Internet. Like this?

If you started to use the Internet at least in the beginning years, you probably remember the sacrifices had to go to get into the network. Then the most common method of Internet connection was the use of a home phone. So all that time that you were online, line was busy and not to call him or to call him was impossible. Only much later, the Internet has ceased to depend on the telephone network, having a dedicated infrastructure. But it seems that Google has decided to return to those dark times for Google Assistant.

Google Assistant can work without the Internet

Despite the fact that Google Assistant is the most intelligent and useful voice assistant, it is absolutely useless without Internet connection. It would seem, who cares, if the access network today is even in the remotest villages? But there it was. In India still many regions where it is not only LTE, but also 2G. Because of this, millions of users are not able to interact with Google Assistant in its desire.

Google Assistant by phone

To solve this problem, Google has a deal with Indian operator Vodafone on the provision of a dedicated telephone line, which would provide work for Google Assistant. In fact, it does not replace the Internet and thanks to it voice assistant begins work for the smartphone users as one might think. The technique of Google Assistant in the absence of network connectivity proved to be much more ancient.

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To communicate with the Google Assistant you need to call special number and the research assistant will be responsible to the user in the same way as do the operators. If necessary, you can turn on the speakerphone and chat with your assistant in real time. However, this method imposes some limitations. For example, the phone version of Google Assistant is only able to answer questions and search for information online, while run applications or control your smart home — no longer exists.

Google Assistant without Internet

What came up on Google, it may seem funny, given how extensive LTE coverage has Russia. However, for many Indians the call to Google’s Assistant is the only way to get an answer to their question. On the other hand, it is strange that Google has not been able to train an assistant to work without Internet connection, having regular access to at least key data. A few years ago something similar was suggested that Yandex, which allowed to find some kinds of information in your search, even if there is no access to the network.

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