Google has taught the Google Photos to paint black and white pictures

Probably everyone knows about “Google Photos”. This is a service that combines gallery with mega-comfortable navigation and unlimited storage for all your photos and videos that don’t even have to pay. However, Google in its usual manner, simply could not allow its service only performed one or two functions. It was therefore decided to incorporate into it the possibility of dyeing the black-and-white photographs, which is already available in test mode.

For the first time about the advent of coloring black and white photos, Google said a year ago at the conference Google I/O 2018. Then the company just showed a gif animation with color-coding. Despite this, to date the feature was not available in the release build of the application. But now, according to a report by 9To5Google, she appeared in the latest version of Google Photos, spreading among a limited number of users.

Update “Google Photos”

Google is used to get access to test functions of their apps, only some users to gather information about their work. Testing can take from several weeks to several months, and therefore expect that a feature painting will be available today or tomorrow, we would not have.

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Coloring black and white photos is due to the functioning of neural networks. To make this possible, Google’s algorithms have learned enormous volumes of photographs of various kinds. This manages to achieve the most natural colors in images that have undergone the treatment. However, apparently, the development of algorithms has not yet completed, requiring additional time and feedback from the first users.

How to paint black and white photos

To check if you’re one of the lucky ones who gains access to the functions of the color-coding is very easy.

  • To do this, download the smartphone app Google PhotoScan and digitize any black-and-white image;
  • Save it in “Google Photos”, select the app and click “Edit”;
  • If the option is available to you in the list of available filters will be available to feature make the pictures in color.

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Of course, you can try download a black and white picture from the Internet, but in this case, the algorithms Google Photos may not understand that the photos need color-coding. Therefore, the best way is still the manual digitization of the picture and then upload to the cloud.

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