Google has unveiled a new augmented reality headset Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google announced a new version of its business-oriented augmented reality headset Glass, which is positioned not as a pilot, but as an official Google product. Glass Enterprise Edition 2 $ 999, but, like the previous version, not sold directly to customers. Glasses got a new processor, a better camera, a USB-C port for quick charging and a number of other updates.

New Glass 2 Enterprise Edition worth of 999 $

Google is still not positioning Glass as the main product. However, apparently expects an increase in sales of Glass 2 Enterprise Edition. The device was removed from the “fairy factory” parent company Google Alphabet — X — family of products Google, so the company could “meet the needs of the growing market of wearable devices in the workplace”.

The basic design of the Glass has not changed much. It is still a relatively simple display in front of the eyes, not the headset mixed reality in the spirit of Microsoft HoloLens. But he has got fast processing with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 specifically designed for augmented and virtual reality. Google says thanks to the power XR1 new Glass headset may include “computer vision and advanced machine learning”. Google has released standalone consumer tool for computer vision — Lens — which offers features such as translation of signs and recommendations for restaurants.

Glass is now working on Android with support for Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management.

Initially the headset was created for the mass market, but after a bad development Google decided to make it a tool for surgeons, factory workers and other professionals. The original version of the Explorer Edition cost $ 1,500 — a new version will be much more affordable.

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