Google has updated Gmail, adding artificial intelligence

If you use well-known email service from Google, you will notice the new improvements in the form of chips with machine learning today. In addition to easy visual redesign, the new Gmail has a Suite of new functions of artificial intelligence: for example, snooze emails for later, prompting users to reply to messages that need urgent response and assistance in the form of canned responses, which will save time.

Received the update and side safety. In the end, Google is going to feed all of your information is artificial intelligence. The machine learning algorithm will check each incoming message and to alert users about a possible threat, with worrying signs that are impossible to miss.

What is all this? Although many of these features have long been available in Google mail now new tools fall into the hands of 1.4 billion users of Gmail (just imagine this number). Google will get access to huge deposits of information, and few will like it.

Also added new things for mobile devices like high-priority notifications that will help you to stay focused. Also Gmail will start to suggest to unsubscribe from the mailing list, which you have not care.

To begin using the new Gmail you can now. Go to settings (settings) and select “Try the new Gmail” (Try the new Gmail).

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