Google has updated the Gmail web interface

The Google developer team announced update signature email service Gmail for the browser. The web service interface has undergone several design and functional changes, of course, becoming more pleasant from the point of view of aesthetic perception and usability of certain functions.

First of all, it is worth noting that the Gmail interface was not so clumsy. The concept of Material Design, Google exploited almost all their products that did the trick, and now the service is perceived quite differently. He was like a more light, fresh and relaxed.

Despite this, however, a number of functionalities of the service has become much wider. So, if you hover the mouse cursor over any message, you will be offered a list of quick actions: archive, delete, mark as unread and put them aside.

Moreover, attachments that are in emails will be displayed in their thumbnail. Now to access sent files without opening the message itself. This is extremely convenient, especially if a few letters, and you have no time to page through the text content of each of them.

Right, the developers have posted a list of software add-ons. With their help the operation of Gmail should become easier and clearer. For example, opening a Calendar, you can quickly assess their employment to a specific day of the week, before appointing a new meeting. To install new add-on of G Suite Marketplace by pressing “+”.

The updated Gmail has become safer. Google built the service support two-factor authentication for access to some messages and ability to send confidential messages that self-deleted after a specified period of time. Of course, this feature was not around with secret chat of instant messengers, but it definitely will not hurt.

Also note the ability to quickly unsubscribe, warnings about phishing, and smart sorting of emails for corporate users. Thanks to the latest innovation Gmail will independently select the most important letters received for the last time, and show them in the first place.

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