Google has updated the interface of the virtual assistant Assistant

Google have refreshed the interface own virtual assistant, making it more convenient to interact directly with the screen of a smartphone.

Appearance Google Assistant is slightly changed in accordance with the requirements of the Material Design 2.0. UI elements became more visual and more informative.

However, the assistant now allows you to conveniently control the smart gadgets in your smart home. The screen will be displayed sliders to adjust the brightness of lights or volume of the audio system. Also added support for quick edits before sending the dictated message.

Swipe up now calls the agenda, which contains all the necessary user information. And if you live in USA, you will soon be able to make purchases using Google Assistant.

Integrated services also received new opportunities. For example, Starbucks now displays photos of dishes from the menu, Food Network image in the recipes increased, and FitStar appeared GIF animation for better clarity.

Update Google Assistant will be available to users soon.

Sources: The Verge, Google

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