Google hints at three case colors Google Pixel 3, or something more?

The company Google has launched an interactive website, which shows three sketches of the Google Pixel 3. Clicking on the logo change the color of the page, which hints at the presence of three colors: black, white and “mint”. It is also assumed that confetti on the third page, confirm the presence of additional modifications.

On the layouts there is no cutout above the screen, which confirms the rumor that the company intended to surprise the users with completely new devices. Based on early rumors, it was believed that the third generation smartphone Pixel get cut on the top of the screen, but the company’s plans may be different.

In early September it became known that the company solicited from bloggers parts of the video in which they complained of bothersome neck. Then came the rumor that the company wants to make fun of “bangs” at the presentation and to introduce smartphones with the usual displays without unnecessary elements.

It is noteworthy that when you click on the Google logo on the outline color of the frames around the displays does not change. From this it follows that the body of the models will be painted only the back and front will be visible only display with white piping.

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