Google hired a veteran team for its PlayStation gaming service

It is no secret that Google is actively developing virtual reality and its platform Daydream. Begin to appear the rumors that the company became interested in streaming games. If you believe these rumors, then the project is called code name “Yeti”, and in this project he joined a veteran team PlayStation company Sony.

Richard marks spent 19 years at Sony. He led the study at the head of PlayStation Magic Lab. Behind many projects, including the PlayStation EyeToy, which was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2003.

Richard Marx helped in the creation of the Move controller for the PlayStation 3. This solution is used today for PlayStation VR.

Google confirmed information about the hiring of Richard Marx, but did not disclose information about his future work. Project Yeti seems the most appropriate for him, considering the recent works of Marx in the field of virtual reality.

Google continues to hire professionals from Electronic Arts, Sony and Microsoft. Let’s hope that their efforts will be able in the future to give us the game streaming service that will allow you to play great games on a low power device like Chromecast.

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