Google Home Mini says market of smart speakers in the second quarter of this year

Google Home Mini

The institution Strategy Analytics specialized in market research has just published its report on the status of the market of smart speakers during the third quarter of this year at the global level. Revealed figures that more than 50 percent of smart speakers that were sold in the second quarter of this year were either from Google or Amazon, while captures Sound Blaster smart Google Home Mini the lion’s share by 20 percent of the market.

Figures reveal that although the market still focuses heavily on the amplifiers high-end, but users still prefer speakers smart sound cheap or small size. This is why Miss Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot on both the Amazon Echo and Google Home which solution ranked third and fourth respectively. Smart speaker Alibaba Tmall Genie complete list of the top five.

The total number of companies was less impressive, it was, overall, shipping 11.7 million units in the period between April and June, note that 2.3 million units of that shipment was from share Google Home Mini, while it was 2.2 million units of that shipment went to Amazon Echo Dot. With regard to the shipments of Amazon Echo, it has been estimated about 1.4 million units, while the estimate of shipments of the Google Home and Alibaba Tmall Genie in the range of 800 thousand units each.

Said Mr. David Mercer, Vice President of Strategy Analytics, the market will continue to expand and should expect to join more manufacturers to this market in the future. ” Samsung and Bose in the process of launching the blaster, its smart audio first“, this will give more variety and options to choose from for consumers.

Added David Watkins, General Manager, Strategy Analytics, Apple got 6 percent of the cargo that is why they are outside the company’s list of the five best in terms of volume of shipments. And speaking of the market speakers high end, Apple owns a huge share in this market amounts to 70 percent.


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