Google Home speaker sleep quiet and fast

Can help you Google Home speaker in to get some rest in the night, whether you’re dealing with a lot of coffee, or you can’t close your mind completely thinking about something, although useful device to schedule your day only that it is now able to help you relax and sleep easily, if you are having trouble sleeping, start book “Hey Google, I can’t sleep,” will the device responds to you with some options, such as sounds of nature or quiet music or a number of other playlists to help you sleep.

How it works Google Home speaker

كيف تنام بسهولة وسرعة مع Google Home speakerHow do you sleep easily and quickly with Google Home speaker

Things you can say to Google your Home to help feeling sleepy: “Hey Google, run a convenient Music”, Google will show on a playlist of soothing music on YouTube Music or Google Play Music or Spotify or Pandora or Deezer if you have an account (if not, all of these services are not free options).

If you like the playlist chosen by you App, Open the music app to save it and run whenever you need it, you can also link accounts to your media when you set up a Google Home speaker.

Also the app offers a range of nature sounds peaceful where you can submit the request several times until you get the sound you want, some of the options available are the sound of rain, the roar of the water, and a range of other wonderful sounds of nature peaceful can Google Home also run a playlist of natural sounds of music applications associated with the.

If you or your kids love to sleep on hearing the story, there is the option of a bedtime story in the Google Home, although the stories focus on children, but can also find something that fits great and helps them to relax and sleep, say the Google Home speake selection of short stories from books Google Play and Storynory, you can sort from 3 to 10 minutes from the fairy tales or romance stories or a strange story or the short about the characters of the famous TV such as Dora the Explorer.

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