Google Home Start-sound effects Story Disney during Read

Google Home سيبدأ تشغيل المؤثرات الصوتية لقصص ديزني أثناء قراءتها

Many advantages is enjoyed by the speaker and assistant your home with Google Google Home, but what makes it more distinctive from the other is a simple plugins that make the ocean more lively and avoid the users enjoy in many moments, as will happen with the new update.

Where to spokes home will add some more during the Read Disney stories out loud, running through the songs, stories and sound effects that appeared in the movies and soap operas in the background, which gives the air of understanding and enjoy while reading.

All depends on the users to do, is say “Hey Google, let’s read along with Disney” and then the machine starts running the music and sound effects in conjunction with reading, as it would detect the device to momentarily stop reading and re-reading some of the paragraphs will be run or re-effects accordingly.

This feature will be available is currently the story of Moana, The Coco, the Jack Jack Attack, The Three Little Pigs, and Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and his Spaceship, the Toy Story 3, The Peter Pan, the وmickey’s Christmas Carol.

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