Google implementation intention to prevent add-ons ad-blocking

متصفح كروم لنظام أندرويد يُجهّز لميزة الردود السريعة

Began Google last month the implementation of the action the effect of which is to prevent the process add-ons blocking ads in Chrome browser, only that the company has returned – under the pressure of developers – have fallen partly for these procedures where they will not lead to disable the Add-ons to filter content.

Was Google had previously reported that they will process the API request, the web webRequest in order to increase users ‘ privacy and improve the security and speed of content display, but it will prevent the process add-ons ad-blocking.

Now explained Google engineer Devlin Cronin that he will not be removing this code entirely. She had published a research study technique confirm that the Add-ons ad-blocking does not slow down page loading eliminates the argument used by Google to assess its position to remove the work of the interface of the software mentioned.

The study, conducted by Ghostery, all add-ons ad-blocking famous today are extremely effective as they need to the time is too short is measured in milliseconds to do its job in blocking ads.

I went to some other studies that the presence of additives blocking ads lead to a page load faster which is the main motivation for the use of by a lot of users.

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